Happy New Year to all. To kick off 2021, I’ve provided quick takes below on some of the bigger stories we’ll be watching


Just before Christmas, CAA closed a deal with the Writers Guild regarding phasing out of package commissions and partial divestiture of its ownership of production entities. That left WME

woman-girl-remote-watchingIt’s widely anticipated that the new Republican-controlled administration will seek to roll back the FCC’s net neutrality rules. These rules require Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to treat identically all content that travels over their pipes. For example, an ISP cannot throttle the download speed of content furnished by its competitors. In his farewell speech, outgoing

President Obama has released a statement coming  out strongly in favor of net neutrality. This has angered the President’s opponents and will bring new pressure on Tom Wheeler, Obama’s appointed FCC Chair, to side with his fellow Democrats on the Commission and strengthen regulation of the internet.

The core issue is whether internet service providers