One copyright lawsuit says the answer is “no.”

In a case against Take Two Interactive, the maker of the popular “NBA 2K” video game franchise, Solid Oak Sketches LLC argues LeBron James can license his likeness, but cannot license images of his tattoos due to copyright law.

Solid Oak claims it owns the images of

Decades ago, a corrections officer met a teenage painter in a corrections facility.  He later purchased a painting from the teenager for $100, allegedly to stop the teenager from going back to selling drugs.  The painting was signed “Pete Doige 1976.”  In the 2010s, the corrections officer tried to sell the painting claiming that it

For many years, only major corporate entertainment companies like studios, networks and record companies had the capacity to build entertainment brands. These companies essentially had a monopoly on all mass-market distribution channels and the research on audience spending habits which allowed them to build and sustain brand loyalty. We have all watched billion-dollar empires like

For a consumer product company in today’s environment, brand exposure can be a key to success. One of the quickest ways for a young company to gain recognition is through social media and celebrity associations. Many companies have used Twitter, Instagram and their company website to post images of celebrities wearing their clothes or using