The upfront selling season is when broadcast networks sell the majority of their advertising inventory. That season kicks off this week as the networks present their fall schedules to advertisers in lavishly staged events. The networks have been losing viewers to online platforms steadily for years, particularly younger viewers in the coveted 18-49 demographic. Ad

Continuing the process that began earlier this year, FCC Chair Tom Wheeler has issued a proposal to the Commission to implement the deregulation of cable set-top boxes.

woman-girl-remote-watchingWheeler’s proposal will require cable and satellite system operators (MSOs) to offer subscribers access to their services by means of a free app. Consumers could keep their

Disney is starting to show its cards following the $500m acquisition of multichannel network Maker Studios. Just in time for MIPCOM, the international television market, the media giant announced that it is assembling Maker-branded program blocks for Disney Channel and Disney XD. The shows will include Maker’s online stars as well as Disney kids. Close