From cast to crew, there is little question that age discrimination still exists in Hollywood.  While stereotypical example is that women of a certain age suddenly stop getting casts for parts; this discrimination may indeed be more prevalent among crew members who are passed over for jobs in favor of younger, albeit less experienced, employees

Having an embarrassing photo posted on FaceBook is bound to happen to everyone. In fact, it is such a common occurrence that FaceBook even created a feature to allow the subject to “untag” his/herself from the photo in order to keep it off of his/her own Facebook feed. But what happens when someone is habitually

With social media applications such as Instagram, SnapChat, and Facebook, it seems like people document almost every moment of their lives online. But what the social media savvy may not know is that these posts could expose them to criminal liability.

A Playboy Playmate is learning this the hard way after taking photographs in a

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Pokémon Go, the augmented reality application that has swept the nation under the guise of getting today’s youth away from their computers and outside socializing with one another, is also changing how businesses learn about and target their consumers.  Like most applications, Pokémon Go

Joshua Bornstein writes:

Actress Cindy Lee Garcia was duped.   She agreed to perform as an actress in an action-adventure thriller set in ancient Arabia titled, “Desert Warrior.”   The script called for a concerned female to deliver the following lines: “Is George crazy? Our daughter is but a child?”   Garcia performed her role and, in July

In August of this year, a participant in the VH-1 reality television program “Dating Naked” filed suit in New York Supreme Court against the network and the producers claiming that she had suffered damages because of the unauthorized broadcast of certain private body parts which, according to the plaintiff, she’d been promised would be blurred

For a consumer product company in today’s environment, brand exposure can be a key to success. One of the quickest ways for a young company to gain recognition is through social media and celebrity associations. Many companies have used Twitter, Instagram and their company website to post images of celebrities wearing their clothes or using